Small storm report and great data capture from WF

Weatherflow guys, station is working very well and total match with the nearby Davis…which lost it’s direction vane in this major 101kph blast that our “no moving parts” station handled perfectly. Little report below that I had shared with weather nerd friends:

For the inquisitive on our recent storm… We could see it coming and decided to grab some groceries in town and then be back in time to watch it come down over the escarpment and over craigleith and then us. So much better watching a storm over the water. Rather than park under the willow I left the truck down the driveway a bit…knowing it was going to be pretty intense.

The cottage has a massive willow in front beside the driveway and about 20 feet from the front corner of the cottage and another right at the water’s edge about 25 feet from the rear corner of the cottage. The middle of the cottage is dead down wind of the water side willow in a NW.

We watched it coming from the dock…lots of rumbling and sheet lightning, then you could see it come over the escarpment and begin to hide it, then down onto the water

I tried to post the photos in line but google groups won’t allow email that big…so link included below. if you go from start to finish you see:

The view of it coming to the West, North West. You see the ski hills of Craigleith in the background, Coming down over the escarpment and hiding it from view, looking to the NE to see the other side of the front

…we could see small water spouts well out in the bay to the north (not well defined, have seen true water spouts before)

As the rain came we retreated indoors and stood by the back picture window. In about 10 seconds it went just nuts…thinking about those huge willows looming over us we quickly started thinking about which interior door frame to stand under…I could see shit going sideways outside the window out of the corner of my eye…I wish I had the testicular fortitude to film it because it looked like hurricane footage. Heard a number of large bangs…we switched doorways…and just like that it was over. It was quite scary and I now know what 100kph wind looks like…we decided to get to the truck rather than being in the cottage just in case. But that was about all.

Kudos to the weatherflow station for catching the reading. It is on top of the the yellow mast in the photo. The scale is in knots.

The aftermath

The 14ft aluminum boat is on a ramp right behind the water side Willow and is secured with a boat winch with 2 inch nylon strap. The branches missed the cottage by about 8 feet at the closest and missed the front port by about a foot. Cottage that was build in 1947 has a force field around it!

More photos:


Thanks for Sharing!!

Looks like you are around Owen Sound, loved that town when I had the pleasure of visiting in the late 80’s’s when I was touring with a Band, forget the name of the Bar but it had bands and strippers! did some googling, looks like it was “The Harb” ! Good times!