Small Birds Causing False Rain

Hi @dsfg,
Thanks for the suggestion/question. I have lots of different animals that eat and destroy things or bite people which I find better to adapt to than battle with. Those Cockatoos are not scared of much at all. They will stay put even with people throwing things at them. They are very intelligent and are capable of learning to communicate in english and how to control people with speech. They are happy to destroy anything with their beak. You can see I put tape around where the solar fitting joins because it doesnt take much force to undo the fitting so if they were pushing onto or from the solar panel they might undo it. A horn would require a sensor to set it off and it would wake people up. It is something for them to chew. They love eating spinning cup anemometers and can even do it while flapping in a wind flying beside it stationary, and if it is a davis version with the arms spinning underneath the support arm they hang upside down from the cups and swing themselves around in circles playing. I reckon the firmware should learn to distinguish the difference between birds and rain. That is why I have left it as is and supply the evidence to weatherflow to smarten up the haptic sensor. Watching that video makes me realise that the alternate perch I installed needs to be bigger for their claws which extend completely across the Sky so my little perch would be difficult for them to stand on.
I had thought about installing a stainless steel large diameter spinning cup anemometer from the adjacent pole with its arms spinning across the top of the Sky so it would hit anything sitting on the Sky but is only an idea. My rain readings are not important to me. The purpose of doing my rain readings is simply to help weatherflow.
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Or manually operated after a rain start alert and optical verification :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I suppose those birds are covered by an Species Protection Act ?
Anyway, that “experiment” would be nice to see, even from a biological point of view… :slight_smile:

Thank you for that; an absolute delight to see. He was probably sent by Wunderground to wreck your gold star:-)


Hello: I am a brand new owner of a WeatherFlow station. (In fact, I am about as new as one can get: My station is still in the UPS system and due for delivery on Monday 20 May!) Anyway, I have read many posts on deterring bird landings on the Sky unit. I would like to add whatever protection I can to the unit before I mount it on my mast, as it will be a bit difficult to take it down due to location. Would anyone here recommend metal spikes or plastic: Zip tie ends cut pointed? I just do not want anything that would interfere with the operation of the Sky. Any suggestions would be welcome! Going to the local home supply store tomorrow to purchase some mounting hardware and hopefully Monday evening the fun will begin! Thanks a lot!

Steve in Kansas


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Guess you already read this topic above (I moved yours in here). Not sure you will have a real issue or an occasional issue with it . some like me hardly ever have this though I’m living middle nowhere with lots of bids but I guess they prefer a normal branch to the slippery sky (think I got like 5 cases in over a year)Hence no real issue.

Remember that the rain is measured by vibration detection so whatever idea you want to use, it should not add vibration to the system. Long spikes will add some when windy conditions etc … But I guess some here are way better in helping you as they also have some nasty cuckoos landing on their sky :wink:

Not everyone has bird issues. You might need to worry about high winds and tornadoes more than birds.

I live in Colorado and have never had a bird issue. You may well be fortunate too.

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Don’t worry to much on birds causing false rain events. Some users have that issue but the most of stations don’t have any or really rare fals rain start events. And when they occurs they are often not related to birds…
An idea wich might help would be too place a stick or a grid about 20 cm above the Sky with a separated mounting.
Are there relevant / aggressive birds in your area ?

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I just brought down my SKY and found the entire top/haptic sensor covered in bird crap. I washed it off using water and added spikes cut from coat hangers and attached with super glue. Added spikes to solar panel too. Unit will be going back up in a few hours once I have filled with sand my 16 ft galvanized support. I’ll report back on the bird activity in a few weeks.



I suspect that you’ll need more than 4 spikes to deter any determined bird.
I recently increased the number of spikes around my sky unit to 14 but still have a male blackbird that somehow manages to get into the centre where he proudly sings every morning grrrr.


what camera do you use for taking these pictures?

Are you talking about the frame grads from my weather cam?

It’s an off brand so I’d have to go look it up, but it’s the IP camera I could find with a starlight sensor and 180 deg FOV (fisheye lens) that wasn’t insanely expensive.

BTW, I put some bird spikes on mine and that took care of the bird landings but now I get false rain from wind.

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I just want to buy myself an affordable ip camere with 180 lens, so yes, if you could tell me the brand that would be great (or where to buy it, which would be even better)

The one I got was sold under the name of Boavision and the model number is IPCX-PC28011080S-P.

I ordered mine thru DHgate but it looks they’re sold out.

If you pick one up make sure you mount it with the dome facing horizontally or do something to make the seal better on the dome as it will leak if you mount it facing up.

found that one on aliexpress and ordered it. It seems that it is also suitable for watching bright stars at night. Great. Will take 60 days to arrive.

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Wow 60 days, to bad they don’t have them right now on DHgate as mine only took a few weeks.

I have several dahua starlights but put them into IR mode when dark as they work way better than when in color and a little better than non-starlights. I keep the the weather camera in color all the time though and yes you can actually see some of the stars even at the angle I have mine set at where it picks up lights from the neighborhood.

It’s definitely not in the same league as even the big name Chinese cameras but it’s good for the use I got mine for and it’s price is on par for what it can do.

usually stuff arrives between 2 and 6 weeks. perhaps the seller wants to be on the safe side. (I will be on holiday in the usa when it arrives)

iPhone 7. I have almost retired my DSLR camera except when I need special lenses.

Originally, I mounted my Sky on a fence next to a set of manual rain gauges. It was there for about a year and never had a bird problem. I recently moved it on top of my house for better wind. It’s become a magnet for birds. It’s the tallest object around for 50m making it very attractive perch.

I set it up just before travelling overseas, I soon started getting false rain but there was nothing I could do until my return. This was the results about a month of perching )-:

The Sky cleaned up reasonably well and I’ve placed wires around the edge. Maybe too many?

What’s the weather flow position in regards to birds? How did the reflective tape/spots work out?
I guess the concept of splitting the rain and wind two devices, would allow a resign to include a bird deterrent.

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A ring of prismatic tape around the top lip of my Sky did not deter a bird from landing on it, but I guess it could possibly make poop cleanup easier… :wink:

Birds can definitely create false rain, but this can usually be mitigated by either creating a perch slightly higher than the SKY, or by creating a “crown of spikes” deterrent as you’ve done.

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