Sky units for purchase?

Are there any of the older SKY units available anywhere for purchase? My AIR temperature sensor is broken, I would like to replace it. Thanks.

It is my understanding that there are no more AIR units available. I know that there are no more SKY units available. Contact support using the link above. You may qualify for a warranty replacement or discount on a Tempest system to replace it.

Of course, there may be someone willing to sell a used unit.

I have an older AIR and SKY available for purchase now that I’ve upgraded to Tempest.


I have a sky that is still in the box…. I installed the Air, but sadly that was destroyed before I had a chance to install the Sky.

Thanks but its the AIR unit I need.

@jeffrey How “destroyed” is your AIR device? I am looking for a broken / non-functioning AIR device to add to my WeatherFlow “Museum” collection !

It was so bad that I tossed it. Sorry!

I’ll have one available later this spring when I install new tempest

Will this be a WFSKY or WFAIR or Both. I’m in the mood for a second WFAIR-01 device.

Form an orderly queue!

@tony2 As I understand from quite a few threads up . . .your “AIR temperature sensor is broken” – correct? Do you still have it? If so may I offer to buy it from you? For my “WeatherFlow” museum. . .I am looking for exactly that kind of AIR device. . .one that is broken and no longer useable. A broken / non-functioning AIR is only going to be on “static display” in my museum. If I could buy your broken one. . .then you could get the one being offered by chuck.

In other words. . .I am looking for a non-functioning | non-operational WFAIR-01 device for static display. I do not want an operational device. . .I’druther save that for those who need it!