Sky unit not waterproof

The unit is not reporting UV and Wind
On further investigation it appears the unit has not been sealed properly and their is water inside
Suggestions anyone?

Contact support at or email

After just a week of operation, with moderate rain showers on some days, my Sky started to send data intermittently for UV ten stopped altogether, hours later later wind data dropped out, shortly after followed by cutting out of rain data. Battery voltage was still reported. The light near the battery compartment flashed slowly red, meaning “bad sensor”. During inspection of the Sky I put it upside down and water dripped out around the UV sensor. Evidently it is not properly sealed. Needless to say, my Sky does not operate anymore.

contact support and they’ll send you a new one for sure (see 2 posts above for the contact details)

maybe send a picture to show what went wrong, this to help quality assurance to prevent future production problems

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Thanks Eric, I have done so now, including a picture and description.

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Excellent support, already an answer: “(…) That shouldn’t have happened! We’ll be happy to send you a replacement SKY early next week. (…)”. :+1::relieved:
Update: received my new SKY september 19. My station is now fully working.