Sky Unit Intermittent function after battery swap

I recently replaced the batteries in my sky unit, it was working fine but had been up about a year. Since I replaced the batteries with fresh, it connects to the hub about once an hour or so. Voltage level does report good each time it connects.

BTW I removed the SPA because it seemed to cause interference, I may try installing it again to see if that works.


What is your Station ID?

It shows offline in the status page. Without deleting the SKY from the app, hold the button down on the bottom for about 10 seconds until it fast blinks. Go into the app and select Replace Device to re-pair the device. Note that the process may not complete in the app because the hub will realize it was already paired and just start working again.

wild guess, take the batteries out and measure them one by one, maybe there is one with a problem though voltage shows ok (but this is a one minute spot check, could miss small variations)

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That’s not obvious to me.
You are aware not to use the SPA and batteries in parallel?

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Tried this it made me remove it and has not been successfully repaired