SKY/Tempest vs. co-located rain gauge” reporting,

Hi folks. In an effort to bring a little structure to the process of collecting and acting on your “SKY/Tempest vs. co-located rain gauge” reporting, we’ve created two Google forms:

Please feel free to register your gauges and start submitting accumulation data through these forms. We’ve also set up a special email address where you can send photos and anything else related to rain measurement that might be helpful outside the accumulation reports themselves. That address is

If you have more than one co-located gauge, feel free to register both of them, but please provide a single value for your rain accumulation data using whatever you consider most accurate.

There’s no need to backfill old data. We’ve been collecting and processing your forum reports manually.

Finally, please report any non-zero events, even if only one of your instruments measured it. But there’s no need to report non-events. That is, If both your SKY/Tempest and your co-located gauge said “0,” no report is necessary!

We will use this data to more effectively (1) evaluate performance of your SKY/Tempest and the RainCheck efficacy at your location, (2) improve the calibration of your SKY/Tempest and (3) provide feedback to the team for potential improvement.

Thanks for your ongoing support and help with this process!