Sky stopped reporting (mystery solved, duplicate serial numbers)

Let me try and reset the air unit first… for now I have just kept trying to re-add it …

Maybe it Needs a reset …

Will see if I can make time today to unmount it from my pole…

Okay I dont delete it… it stops sending data and then weatherflow app remove it since its not reporting I guess. And I have to add it again …

Contact support at and send the link to this topic.

Hi everyone, we found the cause. Your SKY device also shares the same serial # as a SKY unit in MA and the two users have been battling to add the same serial # SKY on their station about 6 times now.

@nickez28 Please do not try adding the SKY again until we get in touch with the MA owner. Thank you and sorry for the trouble!


WOW! That’s a first but it was bound to happen.

@nickez28 can you also let us know the serial # printed on the bottom of your SKY unit? Thanks so much.

You must have been going crazy finding your Sky missing so many times. I thought you were deleting it due to some issue with the application. I would not have thought it was due to this particular issue at WestherFlow.

Oh! Haha… wow… Good news, thanks

Actually its been working really well until now last few days… but I wonder if the other person in MA have had all the problems ? …

I will provide you with the serial number as soon as I can… need to climb ladders… unfortunately its always (almost) dark here around this time of year… :see_no_evil:

Hopefully I will be able to get get it on Friday or Saturday this week.



@WFmarketing @WFstaff This is the serial # of my SKY unit:


Let me know if you need anything else


That’s not it.


See that 4 digit number? Post a photo of the battery door.

Is there no sticker showing a 4-digit number (eventually with additional zeros at the beginning) ?

Oh, sorry…

Here is an image :



Your Sky serial number is SK-00003002.

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Open your app and act like you are going to add a Sky unit. See what serial number it shows. But don’t add it.

Same… (3002) as of right now…

Darn. I was hoping it would be different. That serial number is not online at any station that I can find.

Maybe if I add it? it will be online… but every other time when I kept trying to add it the other days, it would disappear automatically… after about 10 minutes… (due to the duplicate I guess)

I think that’s because the other party was also adding it. I think WeatherFlow ask both parties not to re-add the device so we should respect that request.


Hoping WeatherFlow are able to change the ID with a software update on either of our stations… So its not hard-coded in the chip :cold_sweat:

My thought on the matter is they will replace the unit in Massachusetts then you can add yours. Let’s see what word comes tomorrow.