Sky Station keeps going offline

My Sky device constantly goes offline and I am missing large chunks of data daily.

I have read other posts about stations going offline, and understand to position the Hub and Stations so that the RSSI signal strength is an acceptable value of above -50. I have done this repeatedly and all three units are within 5 meters of each other and the WIFI router.

The current values are:
Hub: -57
Sky: -49
Air: -41

I have restarting the Sky device and the hub many times. I am at a loss what else to do. Please Help!

Glen Lancaster
Station Number 10003
Sayultia, Mexico

It looks like your Sky is powered by a solar panel that may have an issue. I would remove the panel and try a new set of high quality batteries in your Sky. If that solves it, contact WF support for a SPA replacement.

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