SKY: power save mode = 2yrs+ battery life



hello how do I know if I am in power save mode ??? I don’t see a difference – push it right or left I don’t notice a difference — is the power save mode working can u tell on your side how long does it take – to take effect after changing to power save mode


It can take up to a minute or two to become effective as the change needs to go back to servers, then pushed to our hub and sky.

It is pretty easy to see when you look at the interval your wind direction/speed changes. It is or every 3 or 15 seconds … think that is pretty obvious as long there is some wind. :tornado:


will check again – but I don’t think power save mode isn’t working – do u have to slide it to the right - with it turning blue


Yes, power save mode is on when the slider is to the right and turns blue.


So when its on, with blue showing, there should only be a change in speed or direction every 15 seconds, with power save mode off , its 3 seconds. Ive been noticing , it appears its not working power safe mode


can you share your station number so we can have a look

is it station 2816 ?


What exact number do u want. Hub number or id from the Sky. I just added another Sky, so i have 2 of them online. 1st Sky id is 7678, the second Sky is 20004, hub is 1622


no the station number you have in this page (the xxx)


The station ID is 1622


Yes 1622. Yes. 1622. Yes 1622


Sorry if this is a little delayed but yes it looks like you have power save mode enabled on both of your SKY units.


So the power save mode is on. Seems like its not. I really dont see the difference. Ive tried it before and appeared to be working


You won’t notice too much of a difference. Your Hub continues reporting 1 minute averages but your SKY’s sonic anemometers are turning on and sampling data once every 15 seconds opposed to once every 3 seconds.