Sky offline please help

My sky went offline. A router reboot and unplugging the hub still won’t fix this. Anyone can help?

Station 8254. Sky offline. First time this ever happened . I have had my unit since July 2019. This is the first issue with this

What color is the LED on the hub? You also might want to try turning on hotspot on a phone or tablet and see if it can see any Wi-Fi access points. I had my first generation hub do the same thing when I got back from my RV trip and I tried to connect it back to my home network. Creating another Wi-Fi network allowed it to see my home network. Strange but it worked.

It is green. How do you recycle the hub?

Your hub is running fine, somehow your sky lost radio contact with the hub. Changed a position from hub or Sky ??
Else try to reboot the sky and see if it comes back online.

My sky is on a 10 foot pole on my roof.

Eric anyway of getting this fixed without going on roof and taking it down?

Without radio contact with the Sensor array it can’t be done remotely. It will require a physical reset.

What would that after 15 months of working?

No one can answer that question. Sometimes crap just happens.

Station 8254. Can’t get sky online. Please help. Do I have a bad hub?. Had no problems in over a year

If you have tried the information under the title Device Troubleshooting (Tempest) on this support page:

Then something else that I have had success without touching the Sky or the hub is to go into your router settings and change its wifi channel. This is not documented and should not make any difference but it worked for me in a slightly different situation. I now select channel 6 and it works. But I repeat this is just a random idea to try after you have tried all the official advice.
cheers Ian :slight_smile:

Your status for your Sky is available here: and shows a current status

It appears you have lost the history from this chart:

Did you remove your Sky or delete its history. I assume you did.

I suggest you log a support call:

Good luck, cheers Ian :slight_smile:

I know your not supposed to delete data but after 3 or 4 weeks being offline what did I have to loose?

Might be a bad hub?

Have you tried everything listed in Troubleshooting?
When did you submit a support call and have they responded?

If you have done everything suggested in the trouble shooting and it is still not working then support will help you out. I have had a Sky loose itself and they were very helpful and replaced it for no cost.
cheers Ian :slight_smile:

Try another power supply.
I thought one of my Hubs was going bad, and after getting a new one, I tried moving power supplies around between my SKY/AIR Hub and my Tempest Hub… and an extra older phone charger I had laying around.
Turned out it was the power supply going bad.