Sky not registering rain

Yesterday i got and installed my Sky and Air. Had to reset Sky to get it registered to the hub. Readings like uv, solar radiation , brightness and wind all work. Just now we got 1,6 mm rain , measured on the Davis mounted under the Sky. The Sky shows no rain at all. Any ideas? DOA?

was it very light drizzle and windy ?

Sky sometimes needs a good shower to get going (first calibration after factory settings)

Is it mounted somewhere with access or the pole on which it lives ? if so gently tap on the dome of the sky or on the pole (maybe the pole you can go harder)

normally the sky should react to it with ‘false’ rain

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No we had regular rain fall no drizzle. image image

that looks like a good dutch shower to me :wink:

As said, can you gently tap on the dome and see if it reacts or not (on the phone app for ex)

If not, time to call support for a replacement/help. They should reply pretty quick.

support via the website

support via mail


Thanks Eric, i’ve put in a request on their support site yesterday evening, no answer tho yet. :frowning:
Was planning to sell the Davis but i’ll think i’ll keep for for now :slight_smile:

Did you try gently tapping the sky ?


Yeah been tapping the top , i had to tap rather hard in my opinion to get a rain reading. I’ve informed support that i think the sensitivity of my Sky is a bit off ( too low).
No answer yet

Fyi just received a replacement Sky , we will see when it will start raining. Probably Friday we will know more


Just had the first rain shower, Sky performer as espected. There was a difference however with the Davis VP2 . The VP2 registered 4,2 mm , Sky 3,3 mm.

Had some rain events.

When I first installed the Sky and had my first light rain event it would immediately say that it was raining. Even the slightest drops. ‘Verry Light’ the Sky would say.
But it looks like the sensitivity isn’t that accurate anymore. My Sky hasn’t been giving a Verry Light rain report anymore. When it’s starting rain, it takes a while for the Sky to give a rain alert.

V94 did lower the sensitivity of our Sky’s. It should be better once the calibration kicks in, but not to sure when that will be.


Opened my old Sky, and found a something that could cause a problem with the haptic sensor which is in fact a piezo element. After taking the top off i found that the double sided tape that attaches the sensor to the top of Sky was approx 80% loose. The tape wasn’t sticking to the top part of Skye. After taking the sensor off en reattaching it it now show heavy rain all the time. Could be the sensor failed during reattaching it. I’ve a spare piezo element in my Arduino tinker box but I don’t know if the spec are correct. image image image


Thnx Eric… I know that v94 lowered the sensitivity… Didn’t know that the CL would also be kicked in for rain. :laughing:

Will await it…
High winds today… Saw the SkY wiggling around on the pole… But the SKY didn’t give any false rain readings. :+1::+1:


@bvmullem . Thank you so much for sharing you findings. A disconnected piezo would certainly have adverse effects on the performance of the haptic rain sensor. Our technical team is investigating. If you have any more details, please send us a direct message.

To adhere the piezo to the cap of the SKY we use a special 3M High Performance Acrylic Adhesive tape designed for applications like this. Among other qualities, the tape is formulated to withstand temp and humidity fluctuation over time. It will be interesting to evaluate and understand why the adhesion failed in your SKY.


Another day with clearly visible drizzle.
Surrounding stations give 2 to 4 mm of rain untill now.
Sky 1 mm. But since the drizzle it is registering nothing at all. This is with all the Sky stations I see in the surrounding area.
Could be because it’s a little bit windy.

Should it be better after the CL?

Furthermore the Sky works great. :ok_hand:

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Yes, rain accumulation will be greatly improved once we deploy the CL system for rain…which has not happened yet.