Sky not recording rain at all

So far my sky has not recorded any rain even though I have had .13” and .05” rainfalls as measured by Davis vantage pro 2 and standard 8” rain gauge all side by side. I guess I’m waiting for a really good downpour to see if the sky records anything. Meanwhile any suggestions?

if you tap the pole to cause a vibration, see if that triggers rain?

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Good idea. We had another rain event today in the sky did not record anything so I just went out now and tapped the pole and whacked the pole and beat the heck out of the pole LOL and it is not registering anything.

Open the battery door and let the unit reboot.

Thanks Gary. I will try that.

Do you have a suggestion regarding humidity on the Air? My dewpoint and humidity on the Air have been 10 to 15 points high and I was following some of the threads and I actually sent an email to support but I have not heard back yet. I do. And humidity on the air have been 10 to 15points hi and I was following some of the threads and I actually sent an email to support but I have not heard back yet. The air is in a radiation the shield directly under my Davis vantage pro to and the readings are not just high compared to the Davis but also all 40 stations in my county. Thanks!

WeatherFlow is aware and is currently working towards a resolution. I have the same issue but have not come up with a working formula.

My Air devices read high but I cannot confirm if it is a point or percent.

this issue so common and im not sure why an offset is not applied at production , i manually apply a 7% offset and measure it against a SHT31 davis component fitted to my station . i spent many months pulling my (h)air out since building a diy shield to enable open airflow positioning it still reads high but not 100% even during rainfall and applying the 7% offset it now tracks nicely and produces good relative dewpoint readings as that is based on formula from temp,humiidty .

i think if you use perhaps software like weather display i cant confirm but it may have an option to apply an offset , i cant confirm but i simply apply it at code level for my personal web page but its not possible to apply it for using the weatherflow app,webpage .

good to hear your using a shield is it is homemade or purchase…


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Do you use 7% or 7 points?

the approx 7% offset needs to be at the hardware level
otherwise at the 3rd party software level, its not going to work very well
as data to the 3rd party is being pegged at 100% once over what should be only 93 %
sort of thing

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i was just wondering brian if your software had that option , i simply apply 7% (see code i dont use true hardware dewpoint output) offset and then use a seperate dew point formula to read that offset value and not use the true hardware values sent via the Air output. i totally agree 100% eradicating at hardware level is more benificial for everyone .

//$weather[“dewpoint2”] = $weatherflow[4];//disable hardware true dewpoint
$weather[“humidity2”] = number_format($weatherflow[3]-7,0);
$weather[“dewpoint2”] = round((-430.22+237.7log($weather[“humidity2”] (6.11pow(10, (7.5$weather[“temp3”]/(237.7+$weather[“temp3”]))))/100))/(-log($weather[“humidity2”] (6.11pow(10, (7.5*$weather[“temp3”]/(237.7+$weather[“temp3”]))))/100)+19.08),1);

You are actually using 7 points not 7%. Mathematicly that’s a BIG difference.

its the same formula ive used for years only in this particular instance a -7 is applied to the value .% is not a part of the equation its the actual value produced by the AIr ouput the % is just a symbol reference . -7 produces compariable values for rh and dew point. if you want rewrite the theory of applying the value of -7 then please go ahead it generally works as a solution however as brian said needs to ultimately adressed at hardware level .

ps i dont want to get into another who is write and rewriting the popular theories …leave it there please

Let’s just not confuse all the readers as percentage and points will give different resukts.

Also, I’m not convinced it’s a linear adjustment

T word is “correct” not “write” :smiley:

sorry for typos but if this forum process didnt keep writing corrections for me you wouldnt have anything to pull,me up on ,forum on a ipad is a nightmare to use … delete if off topic

I’d only pull you up if you fell down and needed help. I know you can stand on your own.

I’m not a fan of Discourse but its low maintenance and non-technical. I would rather David had gone with Vanilla but we have what we have.

hi Gary so hey I brought down the sky and rebooted it three times and it never picked up rain it’s not working at all I’m tapping on it you’re tapping on the top and I’m not getting any response at all. The wind and UV and all those factors seem to be working perfectly it’s just not picking up rain no vibrations it’s not responding at all

Contact as it sounds like you have a bad unit.

On a similar, but slightly different note, we had mesurable rain last night. But nothing showed. This is the first time it’s happened. In fact I’ve been amazed on many different times when I got a “false” warning, that it’s starting to rain; only to look out side, to see that it actually is raining.
So I plan to montiter it to see if it happens again.