Sky maximum distance from Hub

Hi those interested with maximum distance the Sky may work from the Hub and how good the RSSI reception value is.
Today I experimented moving my Sky around my suburb while the hub was upstairs inside the window. With line of sight I was approximately 700m away (2300ft) and the RSSI value was -75 working well.
In other areas without line of sight it continued working through houses to a maximum (Or minimum) RSSI value of -91 before I lost reception at about 500m through houses and trees.
With such great success I have plans for some longer distance line of sight testing…

I am interested to hear if you have the Sky working at longer distances and if you have done anything to improve the signal strength, by perhaps adding reflectors or anything?

This image shows the area that my Sky was functioning while my hub was upstairs inside the window of my house. I cropped the image in line on each of the streets at the last point that I was still getting connection. My house is on the high point of the area so the signal only went through parts of the odd houses and trees, it doesnt go through multiple houses.
Very happy
cheers Ian :slight_smile:


Hi @dsj,

Today I carried out my extreme long distance Sky range tests to see where I could mount a Sky with reception to my house. Using the hub connected via my mobile hotspot with the Sky on the pole above my house. So in the reverse direction because I would need to mount the hub on top of my pole to achieve the reverse.
From each point I wanted to test, it kept working without even trying my parabolic reflector or anything, just sitting the hub on a post, so I continued to the furthest headland 7.6km away with reception and live 3 sec wind updates at a RSSI of -89 to -90!
I ended up on the furthest headland on the far right edge of this photo, viewed from the Sky:
looking back from the headland my Sky was directly above the hub in this photo
above the white house on the ridge in the centre of this photo near the pole that is slightly visible:
from each corner of this map:

Very happy AGAIN with your design and performance!
Unbelievable :slight_smile:
Triple Cheers Ian :slight_smile:


That’s amazing, Ian! Thanks for the report.

Hi @dsj David,

On my first day of distance tests I managed the Sky 700m away to the hub inside the window.
The next day using the Sky on the roof I extended the hub location Northwards from one headland to the next as far as practical to over 7km without requiring any extra antenna.
Today I ventured Southwards and was unable to pick up a signal to the bare hub at over 12km.
Great so now I had the opportunity to try adding a parabolic reflector to see if I could extend the distance without changing anything in the hub.
Bingo I had it working about 12.4km away. Over 40,000ft or over 7 miles.
RSSI was -93.
So after I watched it working and doing its 3 sec updates for a few minutes I then removed the reflector to check its effect, and it lost reception.
The Hub was held at the focal point of the reflector by rubber bands.
The reflector aimed at the Sky on the headland:
The Sky is on a pole at the North East or top right of this picture and the hub is at the headland in the South West or lower left of this map
This is the Australian frequency hub to a Sky running at 3.33 volts.

cheers Ian :slight_smile:


Amazing! Thanks for the update, Ian.

Hi @dsj,

The next extra long distance test is to mount the hub onto the top of my pole and test the Sky at the distance. (The preliminary tests were with the Sky on the pole and the hub in the distance)
This is the plastic box (with some drain holes) using 12V supply to a 5V buck converter to reduce voltage drop and to ensure any voltage drop in the feed wire is corrected.

(The two Skys on the new timber mount are testing vibrations and wind reading comparisons)

(And the windsock has also moved and changed design.)
The RSSI of the hub reduced to -84 going through the iron roof, and perhaps my solar panels and a ceiling and floor to the router on the ground floor. ( I could move the router if needbe)
My first test with the Sky on the distant headland at around 5km produced RSSI -85 with no problems.
So I am now ready to begin distributing my Skys to their distant locations…
And yes lightning might wipe the hub out…

cheers Ian :slight_smile:

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