Sky goes offline

Here’s a head scratcher. Recently, my son’s laptop (up in his room, directly under where the sky sensor is mounted onto the roof) appears to be interfering with my sky transmitter. I noticed my transmitter would stop working around 3 p.m. (ET) every afternoon. It would then begin working again every morning around 9 a.m. (ET). The odd thing is: those times corresponded to when the kid would turn the laptop off (at 3 a.m.) and then back on (at 9 a.m.). In other words, the sky transmitter would only work when the laptop was ON. It took me a couple days to figure that out. Anyway, we played around with it. While the laptop was on, we turned the bluetooth off. Sure enough, the sensor stopped working when the bluetooth was turned off. I’ve even adjusted the bluetooth settings in the laptop (Running on WIN 10) to stop devices from automatically finding the bluetooth on the machine.

This is a new development. I’ve had the unit since last December, and we just started having this problem about a month ago. I’m absolutely stumped. Can anyone from the community help out with this? I’ve gone up and reset the sensor, but after a couple of days, we experience the same problem all over again.

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It may be that the Sky has lost its pairing with the Hub.

Sky is still paired, just looked but RSSI says -127 (no radio link) …
Can you test once more and tell the colour of the led on the hub when the laptop is on +BT and without BT active (sky sending data versus not sending data)

Trying to understand but somehow what you tell seems impossible … :thinking:

Can’t get up onto the roof right now to check. However, I’ll bet you when the kid turns his laptop back on, this will go back on line! :crazy_face:

I’m asking the colour of the hub’s led , not the sky :slight_smile: don’t go risk your life :slight_smile:
The hub’s led is green when normally linked to wifi
blue when it is linked to a device via BT and red when not linked at all
We’re trying to understand what happens when it forwards Sky’s data (what link does the hub have)

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Hello. Yes…thank you for your reply. The Hub’s light is green. Actually, it started working again this morning (roughly at the same time). None of the kids’ stuff was on. I’m beginning to thing that (based on the sun’s angle in my part of the world (Pennsylvania)) at this time of year, it actually may be the solar accessory that might be failing (or has already failed). It goes off around mid afternoon (3-4 p.m. ET), and then it starts to work again around 7:30-8:30 a.m. ET. It’s puzzling, but I’ve done alot of narrowing things down to this point…

Check the voltage graph, that should tell you if it is the SPA.

Thank you. Right now, the voltage graph says it’s good. However, I cannot see the voltage #'s for the period of time the unit is not transmitting, so I couldn’t tell you one way or the other.

That is why you need to look at the graph. Click the Tempest icon in the upper right corner and scroll down and tap the voltage card. If it isn’t visible then enable it in the app. What is your Station ID?

KPAKINGS12 on Weather Underground

As an update, it just went off (2:55 p.m. ET). This is very close to the time it stopped transmitting yesterday. UV was at about 28525 lux today. It was about 23809 lux yesterday when it stopped transmitting. It started transmitting today when UV was about 19776 Lux. Yesterday, it started transmitting at 24520 lux. Yesterday and today, it started transmitting once again at about 8:30 am ET.


The Station ID is a number. You can get it by selecting the share icon.

Edit: this is what we’re looking for:

Then the graph can be zoomed and scrolled side-to-side to investigate more closely. That is why the Weather Underground station is useless for what we are trying to figure out. It is the WeatherFlow data we want access to.

Thank you. It is 14154

Looking at the battery graph and seeing it drop so drastically it appears that maybe the battery in the SPA is bad. It last reported 2.9V which is essentially dead for a LiFePO4 battery that is used in the SPA.

My recommendation is to remove the SPA and install batteries in the SKY. They can be standard Alkaline cells since you are using them for testing. If it stays running fine then the issue is definitely with the SPA and you should open a support ticket on it and reference this thread.

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See your voltage graph here (without the ’ ):

cheers Ian :slight_smile:

Thank you everyone. I climbed up and did some troubleshooting, and it appears to be the solar accessory. I pressed the LED light (through the slat with the solar accessory on, and it did not light up). I took it down and tried pairing with the hub and then trying again by pressing the LED light through the slat–still nothing. I inserted batteries, and voila! I’ll put in a ticket for the solar accessory.


Good luck. I’ve had a ticket in since Thursday the 5th on mine with no response except for the canned one.