SKY didn't record strong winds

On 7/2/19 we were in the middle of a massive microburst. My SKY didn’t record the peak wind gust. We did lose power, but the hub is on a battery backup. As you can see it stayed online for 10 mins after the event. Is this because of the reporting interval I have it set at? Station 2277.
See the video here and look at 5:01:08PM

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That’s a good one…how much rain+wind do you think you got ?

I also personally watched the wind nearly blow down some trees in my back yard during a storm last week, but the AIR reported only a 20 MPH gust. My visual estimate was 40+. I have power saving mode turned off.

My estimate was at least 50mph. Anyone from Weatherflow care to respond?

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Maybe @dsj can have a look at your station’s data.

Can you provide a photo of you installation environment ?

Stay patient, it’s weekend. A WF team member will have a look on Monday, I’m shure.
Did you read the topics on water drops on the sensors here ?

For those not in the USA, it is a 4-day holiday weekend here for most businesses.

For those inside the USA, there is a rather loud NASCAR race (and pre-race practices) talking place all weekend essentially outside the WF main office’s windows…


Wow, nice little storm! Sorry for the late response, @pagerman. I actually saw your post on Friday (not all of us took a four-day weekend, @vreihen !) and hoped to have a look at your data the same day but haven’t had a chance yet. We’ll do that shortly and let you know what the data says.


Can you provide a little info on where your SKY is mounted? Do you have any photos?