Sky and Air disconnect from hub (solved v98 firmware)

I’ve had two instances in the last two days where both Sky and Air disconnect from the hub. Hub light is solid blue when this occurs. Power cycle of hub fixes the issue and both reconnect immediately. Station ID 4716.

If the hub is blue, means some phone or tablet is connected via BLUETOOTH

Also have you looked the Rssi values ? If going below -80db then there is a good chance you have drop outs and or disconnected air and sky

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I had this happen once last week. One Hub lost contact with it’s devices and the LED was blue. The other Hub was fine.

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So, there has not been a device connected with bluetooth via app either time this happened.

As far as RSSI, by “below 80” would that be a larger negative number? Currently RSSI for hub is -64, Air is -55 and Sky is -64.

those rssi numbers are good. Below 80 indeed I mean like -90 …

weird that the hub shows a bue led (this ‘normally’ means some BLE connection°

@GaryFunk were you able to determine why it was blue ?

No. I tried several times to get the Hub to realize it had an issue by actually connecting to it via Bluetooth. I finally had to remove the power from the Hub.

I have seen this issue in the past but this was the first time in v91.


I had the same issue today. Had to power down the hub. And after that the air and sky where connected again.

What could it be?


It could be a bug in the firmware. It’s very difficult to reproduce.


Oké… Will keep an eye on it, if this happens more frequently…

Maybe the Weatherflow staff could take a look at it? :blush:

But besides that… Just one day running, and I love it already.
Only the UV reading is a little to high I think.

Has not happened again (knocks on proverbial wood). I did plug hub into an inexpensive WiFi plug from Amazon, so I can power cycle remotely if I am not home when this happens.

I still have not heard from WF with the support ticket I opened.

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Thanks for the reports here! We have not been able to reproduce it yet, but based on these reports it definitely seems like a possible glitch in the firmware causing the Hub to get stuck in a weird state. Please share any additional info you have or may discover that can help us troubleshoot it, and we’ll keep looking.


Mine did it once. But now it’s running smooth. Didn’t happen again at my station. :+1:

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Had the same problem. Was disconnected for 8 to 9 hours till i disconnected and pluged back in

I have had this issue 2 times in the last week, as well.

I have the same issue since about 70 min.
See the status details :

After repowering the Hub the data from AIR and SKY came up immediately…

Furthermore I saw a gab of about 90 min in data this night. At my second station (5088) from 23:36 to 1:36 CEST.
In this Time period no data either from air nor from Sky can be reviewed within the app or website.

I had another disconnect this morning. Sky and Air disconnected from the hub. As others indicated, hub light is solid blue when this occurs. Power cycle of the hub fixes the issue and both reconnect immediately. Station ID 4781.

Is the device you used to setup the station in reach of BLE when it disconnects ??? (iOS or Android btw)

I start to wonder if somehow the ‘sleeping’ BLE connection doesn’t ‘wake’ up somehow and makes a connection with the hubs (while not connecting to the wifi)

Sounds weird but for ex my macs wake up ‘silently’ during night to talk to the web (not to sure what or why as I don’t have yet the spy to monitor that) Maybe some phones do the same … while in sleep mode reconnect to the sources recently used … check that the connection is still good ??? And doing so they break the link to the internet as they ‘pirate’ the data …

@WFsupportx : could this happen somehow ?

I don’t think my BLE devices were in proximity, but its certainly possible. I will take note if it disconnnects again.

Thanks for the suggestion.

I have seen the same thing from mine. The hub is blue but it is reporting to both the app and weather underground. Sometimes it is green, sometimes it is blue but it is reporting. You can see the wind drop for anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour. KTXKELLE113 on weather underground.