Simple Python UDP Listener Script

I just got my Tempest and after searching around I couldn’t find a udp listener script that wasn’t overly complex or contained other functionality (redis, mqtt, etc) so I figured I would create one.

Contains maps for the main event types and outputs a dictionary of the observation values. Works in Python 2.7/3.x with no dependencies. Tested on Win10 and a Raspberry Pi.

Hopefully this is useful for the beginners to play around with.


Really ? Mine is pretty simple in its most minimal form…

python --raw
python --decoded

I like your sensor map thing though. Cool construct.

Yes I did see yours(which is pretty cool) but, while the cli commands are easy to use, the script is pretty complex and would be hard to extend/modify for beginners who may just want to write the observations to a file or trigger some action when it starts raining, for example. Didn’t mean to step on your toes, just wanted to create an alternative for anyone that might be starting one of their first adventures into Python by playing around with the Tempest.

Oh geez no. No offense taken. More choice is always good and it’s fun to see other people’s approaches…