Simple decoder diagram to define values

Would love to find a simple diagram of each of the panels in wfpiconsole with descriptions of each value. Currently struggling with the wind panel but I’m sure others may be confusing as well.


Thanks. I was looking for an annotated diagram of each panel with labels that explained the value, its derivation, etc. For example - “left large wind value is average wind speed over a 1 minute observation period” I appreciate that digging through the code modules would likely answer many of my questions but isn’t particularly efficient. Perhaps I’ll develop a cheat sheet when time permits.

Read the comments at the top of each file

I sure wouldn’t bother. WF has documented their APIs and they haven’t changed for years.

The way you should look at measurements is that they’re the average over a measurement interval. For obs_st (temp/humidity/solar) that would be over 60 secs. For rapid_wind that would be over a couple seconds so you do catch the gusts notionally. For things that are ‘events’ (lightning strikes) they are of course more instantaneous.

How long the measurement period is depends on how drained your battery is. The gear will slow down its observations and even shed sensor observations as the battery gets really low. But in a normal battery state 60 secs for observations and sensor status, 10 secs for hub status, and 2 secs for rapid_wind used the be the default timings.

Also - remember that lightning is a crowdsourced reading if you use REST (the WF server) so it’s not what your sensor specifically reads. If you use UDP only you ‘will’ see what your sensor read however.

Hope this helps.