Similar Station API endpoints?

We’re using Tempest Weather Systems…

I’m confused why various documentation has 2 similar station endpoints.

On this page:!/observations/getStationObservation

It has the endpoint:

But then the documentation here:

Has this endpoint:

What’s the difference between these? Both seem to respond with data, but I don’t understand why there are both of them?

Also, what is the TEMPESTONE API vs TEMPEST HOME API? No where on that documentation page does it explain what either of these are or which one to use?

I’ve got to admit, the documentation is kind of all over the place. It should really be separated better for the different devices.

The documentation is for Tempest One subscribers. Tempest One is a commercial product that provides a lot more data and resources. For whatever reason, maybe an oversight on WeatherFlow, maybe because they don’t’ care because it doesn’t provide any information that the “station” endpoint doest, but it just happens to be open to anyone. If you look at the other end points on there like lightning and statistics, you’ll get a 401 response.

Long story short, unless you are a commercial subscriber working for an organization, just stick to the documentation

Tempest Home… you’ve got me there. Maybe a new service in the works that provides some of the Tempest One services to non-commercial users that are willing to pay for some of the added utilities provided by the Tempest One subscribers?


WeatherFlow Support’s answer to this question via my support ticket:

The end points are the same. There is newer API documentation that, while available, is not quite ready for widespread publication.