Shows rain but didn't rain today

New installation as of a few hours ago. I just looked at history and it shows Rain Accumulation (Today) 0.56"… but it hasn’t rained in days. What’s up with that?

The Tempest has a haptic sense for rain. This means it picks up the vibrations from rain and anything else that causes the Tempest sensor to vibrate. Tap the Tempest icon in the upper right corner of the screen to see the card or grid view and then tap on the rain card to see a graph of the history. Zoom all the way in to see the last 24 hours at one-minute intervals. It is possible the rain is from your mounting of the Tempest which should show up in the graph.

If you put a link to your station in your profile it will be easier for people to help. Just use the share icon to get the link.

Thanks… That appeared to be the issue. How do I share a link? I’m not finding that option yet. Also, when I share a link, what info exactly is shared?

Go to and scroll all the way to the bottom. You should see a share button like the one highlighted below:

If you click on that you will get a link that you can use to share your station. If you share that link, everyone will be able to see your weather data, and the public location of the station. No one will be able to change the settings etc. You can control whether you share your data, and the public location by going to Settings -> Stations -> [station name] -> Public Data

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Thanks… there is no share button as can be seen by screenshot. However I did manage to find how to turn it on within settings. I’m not real keen on sharing the ‘exact’ physical location with the public. Is there a way to modify that? Also I’m not clear on how sharing this info might help others help me as indicated by a prior reply.

Yes, if you go to Settings -> Stations -> [station name] -> Public Data and click on the pencil icon next to Location, you can set a “Public Location” that is different to the actual physical location. This makes no difference to the forecast or altitude settings etc… For example I have my public location set about 500 m away from the actual location in the middle of a cricket pitch.

It helps us help you because we can see the data coming from your station. In your case, we could look at the rainfall graphs and hopefully see that all the rain that has been “detected” is from straight after you turned the unit on for the first time and was therefore very likely caused during the mounting process. On the other hand, if we saw that it “detected” rain a long time after you finished mounting the device, then the advice we would offer you would differ.

It is very much personal choice whether you share your data or not. If you do, then others users on this forum can often help troubleshoot a lot quicker than customer support. If you don’t, then you may have to wait a day or two for customer support to get back to you (they are still very busy at the moment!).

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Thanks… exactly the info I was looking for!

Except that when I go to move the marker on the map the pin doesn’t drag :pleading_face:… the map will move but the pin doesn’t ‘stick’. I must be doing something wrong. And yes, I changed my screen name.

Not sure I completely follow. For me the pin always stays in the center of the map screen, but I can drag the map underneath it to change its location. Once I have finished dragging the map I can click Save to set the new location. Do you see something different?

I did not see the ‘save’ button, therefore it didn’t stick. I needed to change my screen resolution and then the ‘save button’ was visible. I run into this all the time and bang my head every time wondering what’s up. All good now, thanks for your help!