Showcasing my PiConsole during hurricane Idalia

I have been looking for ways to stream my weather data and record it, etc. I finally came up with something during the current hurricane Idalia. My PiConsole includes my BigTemp mod and a little bit of additional customization.

I’m using OBS and a VNC connection to my PiConsole, along with one of my outdoor cameras, for the live stream.
URL No longer valid. Sorry. See screenshot in reply below.

Hope you enjoy.
Steve Cody


I can not see anything. Says video is private.
Cheers Ian :slight_smile:


same here wanted to see the customization!

Apologies… I had the livestream going for several hours and tried to get fancy and add weather radar to it and messed the whole thing up. Ended up stopping it and couldn’t restart it with the same URL… However, here is a screenshot of what it looked like, and you can see my mods in there. (big. temp, along with pool temperature).