Shipment origination

Hello Tempest Owners,
Have decided to replace my current weather station with a Tempest and relocate my current weather station. Have been wondering from where the Tempest ships?
Thanks for any replies.

Mostly from Florida. Not sure there are other shipping sites for now.

Thanks for the reply. I just learned it’s shipped. FL to MD is about 3 days?
This will be the new location. It’s tough to see with the lighting, it’s at the top of a metal the pole above this roof.

lots of shade. not the best spot in general, but might be the best spot for you.

FL to MD should be about 3 days, but with USPS recently it has taken up to 2 weeks for WF shipments to reach me in Annapolis.

My plan is to move it to the roof and up high so as to not pick up too much of the radiant heat from the roof. My roof is a light color so that will help. The forestry beyond my current pole is actually at a good distance. It’s clear for approx. 30 ft.? Thanks for your thoughts.

I think I’ve seen a version of @sunny’s response a few times:

and each time I saw it, it helped me relax my initial belief that I needed to find the “perfect” spot for my Tempest.

If my Tempest – a personal weather station – was acquired with the intention of measuring the weather conditions in my local backyard, then that includes the effects of nearby trees, house, sloped roof, grass, no grass, etc. My initial belief that I needed to effect a placement that met some standard for unobstructed measurements – had I even been able to do so – would have reflected something other than the conditions in my local backyard.

All of which is to say, thanks for the helpful reminder(s), sunny! :slight_smile:

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I have various thoughts related to this.
I did originally type a long response, but I don’t want to hijack this post so I made a new one. Thoughts on placement of the tempest.