Sharing Weather Data


I’m trying to share my weather data with family and friends. I copied the link from my browser and sent it to them.

This doesn’t work for them. They just got the following:

Any ideas how to fix this?


What link did you share? Also, is your station set to public?

Thanks for the reply!

I intentionally don’t have Share Publicly set to On as I don’t want to broadcast my location to everyone for safety reasons. Is it possible to share data without sharing my location?

Thanks again

Station Privacy and PII Concerns - #5 by dsj gives some recommendations (the key one for your purposes seems to be to make a small change to your lat/lon so your reported location does not pinpoint where you are. How much you change it would be up to how much you want to obfuscate your location.

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Thanks for your reply!

Please correct me if I’m wrong. If I share my data publicly, it will be used by other Tempest weather stations in my area to help predict the weather more accurately. This all happens in the background without other users knowing my location. If I don’t share my data, I won’t be helping others to get more accurate weather predictions.

If this is true, would it not make sense to have an option to share data without sharing your location?


In the app, this page, (found under Settings, Stations, station name), shows the information WeatherFlow needs to accurately calibrate your station and know where it is. This data is only known by the user and WeatherFlow.

Clicking on Public Data on the screen above brings up this screen.

This is the information that the public sees. In this example, the public information is the same as the actual information. What you could do is change the public location as @wx3i09 suggested. For example, here is where I “placed” my mobile station so it isn’t obvious when I go camping.

Obviously this isn’t where a weather station is.

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There are two places to configure your location. One is used by WeatherFlow to produce things like the forecast and NearCast rain … this location is not public but, WeatherFlow has it based on how your station is configured at … (where nnnnn needs to be replaced with your station ID and the “…” at the beginning is replaced by “https://”). It is best to not obfuscate this one, I would think (although minor changes might not be too detrimental). The one used that the public can see is at … and is the one you can obfuscate with no issues (other than what the public sees, but, that sounds like what you are looking for). This is talked about at in the section titled How do I change my station name? .

Thanks gizmoev! I understand now.

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Thanks wx3i09! I understand now.