Shared tempest station via app

I just received my tempest and have setup via my phone but my wife wants the app on her phone too. Seems you can’t just put in station ID instead of going thru the setup procedure again?

Just let her use your account details in the app. She can then see the same details from your station. Just be careful she doesn’t go change things in the settings by accident

Here are some details about sharing

Or… use a 3rd party app…
Several users have developed smartphone & desktop apps specifically for this purpose.

(shameless plug)… such as BtstWx and BtstWx PRO.


Your app doest currently work. It keeps saying that my station ID is private. I have a tempest. My brother has the same issue and he has an older sky/air unit. It used to work with his ststion, but since weatherflow released the new app, neither of us can get btst_wx to work. Is there a workaround or app update coming?

What is your station ID and is it actually marked as private? If so, I don’t believe it will work with app.

Station ID is 18479. Its marked public in the app and online. I dont know what other switches to flip to make the data more public.

Your station looks public to me so there isn’t anything more you need to do on that front. will have to have a look into this

In my case the app typically crashes or says invalid ID when trying to connect to my Tempest station. It works with my SKY+AIR stations, however. He said that an update was going to be submitted to both stores soon.

Ok, awesome! I will just wait then. Thanks!

Sam posted here he was planning to release new versions this week end

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Yes, an update is on its way to allow full compatibility with the Tempest.