Several Feature Requests for iPhone/Android App

  1. When your looking at the weather for the current day - and you are looking at the hours of the day - the app should reflect the actual current weather. That is, if it’s snowing at the current time, it should indicate “Snowing” NOT “Likely to Snow” or “Snow Possible”. Also the number of snowflakes under the cloud should indicate the intensity of the expected or actual snow. For example, right now, you use three snowflakes for everything. However, if you go to a Weather app, such as WeatherBug, you’ll see that they use as many as five snowflakes, depending upon the intensity of the snow at the current time or based on the prediction. So the data that you need to implement my suggestion is out there you just need to grab it.
  2. You can do a better job labeling what is displayed in the app. For example, I’m looking at the current weather for today and the bottom row has a right arrow and the number four. I have no idea what that road displays. The row above it seems to display humidity, but again, there’s no indication of what it is displaying.
    Nor is there any Help in the app that has a legend as to what is being displayed in the app. Something to tell us what’s being displayed would be very helpful.
  3. Adding a map to the app to show the geographical area of the rainfall or snowfall would be a nice feature.
  4. On several occasions, I wanted to recommend your weather station to friends, but I forgot the name.
    I went into the app but there’s no indication of the name of your company or the website.
  5. I’ve had your weather station running for approximately two months. Prior to that I had a Davis weather station. I’m enjoying your device much more than the Davis device in that there’s almost no hiccups or quirks in your device and your app is far away much better and cleaner app than Davis offered. A few more tweaks as I outline above, would make it even that much better.

“likely to snow” is probably the best you can have from a device that doesn’t measure snow. If some other device (radar?) is telling you it is snowing, use another app that displays radar data. Some people have requested to include radar data in the app. That’s probably not as easy as you think it is, for a device that is installed all over the world. Or perhaps it is easy, but than the data isn’t free, so someone needs to pay for it. Most likely the users (by means of ads?).
#4, #5 Be happy that this app isn’t full of ads for the brand as many other apps annoyingly do. If you go to settings, scroll down there is plenty of reference.
With respect to your #2, I have no idea what you are talking about. Could you please include a screenshot?

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For #5 did you consider tapping the settings icon? This is what is displayed at the bottom of that screen.

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Still no love for those of us in the Cape Verde Islands? Surely, all Americans know us for our primary export…Atlantic Ocean hurricanes…

As to #2 - See arrows on image


As to #1, see circles - note % chance of snow and intensity of snow expected by the # of snowflakes

I’m not sure what more to add let alone where to add it. Was it not obvious that a percentage beside a rain drop icon was the chance of precipitation?

As for the arrows with a number beside them, that is the predicted wind speed and direction. Not sure where there is room for much of a description considering limited screen real-estate.

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I believe if you added an icon to the bottom tool bar with a legend as to what each row/icon meant, that would work. Alternatively, you can add a row for the legend in Settings

I don’t know. You show an example of an image showing snow with a percentage and you think that is clearly the %chance of snow, yet complain when you see an image of a drop of rain with a percentage that it isn’t clear what it’s meaning is?
Also the wind direction and wind speed are as clear as it gets.


You cannot see the image I posted above yesterday with the circles around the cloud with snowflakes and a # with a percent sign?

You’ve put an arrow next to the line indicating the chance of rain as if that was unclear, yet find the icon with snow clear. I’m baffled.

Sunny, I’ll help you out. Here is the image you cannot find.

yes I’ve seen that. what do you think is unclear about the number next to the rain drop? I’m probably not understanding your real problem.

Tempest shows less drops with lower chance of rain, more drops when chance is higher than 50%. I would be surprised if tempest didn’t do that for snow. (and the number of drops it shows is not the intensity nor an indication for the amount of rain to expect)