Sensor Status bits?


I am running a new device that appears to be working well, but when I parse the device status, all of the 9 least significant bits are set to 1. The device is running FW version 173…has something major changed since 171?

Raw Message:
{‘serial_number’: ‘ST-00127092’, ‘type’: ‘device_status’, ‘hub_sn’: ‘HB-00132986’, ‘timestamp’: 1703619905, ‘uptime’: 77089, ‘voltage’: 2.467, ‘firmware_revision’: 173, ‘rssi’: -46, ‘hub_rssi’: -46, ‘sensor_status’: 655871, ‘debug’: 0}

Parsed Data (note status is masked with 0b111111111):
Device Status

Time: 2023-12-26 12:45:05

Uptime: 77089
FW: 173
Voltage: 2.467 V
RSSI: -46
Hub RSSI: -46
Status: FAIL: 111111111

I am seeing the same thing on a unit running FW version 173. Getting the exact same sensor_status number.
App doesn’t show any errors and unit seems to be functioning fine.