Sensor Failures on Tempest

sorry, it appears offline for the last 4 hours. But that was quite a storm you had.

Yes, I had a mount failure and both of my Tempests were on the ground this morning. Hope they are alright and hope to get them cleaned up and remounted. There doesn’t appear to be any external damage. They fell from about 12’ feet on wet, muddy ground. Time will tell.

Update: I just put them both back online even thought they aren’t remounted and it appears that one has a catastrophic sensor failure.

just lost all sensor data. Wifi / Bluetooth connected. Taking down outdoor sensors is sort of a big deal. I’ve tried all the troubleshooting tips short of taking down the outdoor sensors - help !


Same problem- followed the trouble shooting steps to no avail. Waiting on response from support email.

I am sending data to a third party app too, so I know exactly when the sensor went offline. ~3:00am on a clear night two nights ago.

Well, it randomly came back. Not sure what happened.

This is a view from my Splunk instance showing the temp stopping and starting again. I included the air pressure to show that it wasn’t a connectivity issue.

Any ideas? @eric ? did you all fix this? will it happen again?

I wish I could fix things like that (and even more Weatherflow people) but no. No magic. Will it happen again ? Good question and I have no answer. Time will tell.

i do that all the time :wink: Just standing next to people demonstrating they have a problem and magically it disappears by just watching it. I love magic!

…sigh, I guess I’ll blame cosmic radiation. It is likely the cause of many an unexplained IT problems.

If it happens again, I’ll ping the forum again.

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Aaaaaand. the two sensors are off line again… grrrr…