Sending to CWOP



I am currently using Weather Display to send to CWOP and WU because that’s what I was doing with my AccuRite and I’d already paid the $60. It’s pricey, but easy to set up.

Now that I have my WF, I’m very much interested in options.



Hi Vince - could you maybe provide a link to a how-to? I would be very interested in making this raspberry-pi device.



If you’re even remotely comfortable with a Linux command-line:

  1. image a SD card and get your pi on the network, usually with ssh enabled, although you ‘can’ do this connected to a HDMI monitor with usb keyboard if you really need to go that way.
  2. install weewx - quickstart is
  3. download and install the weatherflow UDP driver from
  4. edit your weewx.conf file per the instructions on (3) above, editing in your device IDs
  5. stop/start weewx and wait 5 minutes for the web pages to populate with data

If you can’t do (1) successfully, then see or the Linux Foundation for some nice free Linux commandline courses and howtos. You have to have a certain amount of Linux commandline foo to be able to run weewx, but it’s not a terrible learning curve. That software just plain works.

[…update - that gets weewx working with the WF station. You’d need to edit weewx.conf to set your CWOP station id and restart weewx to have it send data there of course…]


Well, that’s a bit outside my are of knowledge, but I’m willing to learn. I think you’ve turned me on to a project for me and my son. Thanks!

For now, Weather Display on my ancient PC is working:


For some background, the Raspberry Pi Foundation was created in the UK with the goal of putting cheap computers into the hands of kids to learn electronics and programming. Your family project today could turn into a career for your son…


Is there an update on when we will be able to send to CWOP via the WF App?


I don’t think that is planned. Garyfunk’s archivesw can do that easy


There was a post last summer from David saying it was ‘on the roadmap’ but given that the roadmap is super-secret information we can’t see, who knows if it’ll ever happen.

There are lots of ways to get there using a raspi. Weewx is perhaps the simplest.


If you want to send data today you may with a Raspberry Pi (RPi). With a RPi your quickest and easiest solution is ArchiveSW which you will find in the Third Party Applications.


The “L” is solar radiation in watts per square meter. If it is greater than 1000, then the capital “L” is replaced with the lower case “l”.


Thank you for all the inputs! Much Appreicated