Screw for flat base mount too large?

I’m trying to mount the Tempest on top of a square post using the supplied screw, but in order to get the screw to slot into the screw housing on the flat base, the screw has to sit really high, like more than 1cm high, and then of course it doesn’t fit snugly in the keyhole. Has this been supplied with the wrong size screw, or am I doing something wrong here? Thanks!

When did WF start supplying screws for the flat base? The threaded hole is a standard tripod mount for a 1/4x20 screw and the other is just a slotted hole to use your own screw.

Ohh, I see! No info in the set-up instructions that you needed your own screw for the flat base, so I just assumed that it was the one that they supplied. Luckily we had some others lying around, so have gone with that option - thx for the tip :blush:

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Actually, their instructions online DO say that the screw is included, so I wasn’t been completely stupid!

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It is true, WF is now supplying the screw with every Tempest. I have not put my hands on one to test the screw but that would not be good if the screw head is to large.

Screenshot 2020-12-23 at 10.36.10 PM


Yup, it’s way too large. I’ll let support know, so that they can check what’s being supplied.

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I found the screw fitted ok

I also had the same issue but found if I angled the base mount and applied pressure I was able to get it to a snug fit.

Interesting that everyone is having a different experience, given the size of the hole on the base mount and the screw size should both be standard. It definitely was not able to be used in our case - we just used another screw and it’s all working fine now.
Given the keyhole shape of the mounting slot, there wouldn’t seem to be any need to have to force a big-headed screw head through the larger part of the keyhole, and a smaller-headed screw would do the job. Weird. Thanks for the comments - good to know it’s not just me!

During high winds, A larger headed screw could be a benefit.