Saw a Tempest ad, had a purple interface, and AQI!

Saw a Facebook ad, showed a purple Tempest app interface, and had an EPA AQI display? Is this coming soon? Am I totally missing something?

Hard to reply with just that as an explanation. Image ?
Nothing coming from WF like that but maybe a third party integration ?

Here’s the ad I saw.

Maybe @dsj or someone from @WFstaff can chime in…Looks like some neat stuff is coming around soon.

This Facebook ad is coming to you from the future!

We had a little mixup and our marketing got a bit ahead of our development team. Think of the app screenshots in the ad as an artist’s rendering of what could be possible in a future version of the Tempest app. They don’t necessarily imply what we are developing.


Just out of curiosity, are y’all going to produce an air quality sensor in the near future?

My recollection is that two years ago they kinda decided to not get into that market. Most recent post from WF that I can find in a quick search was Oct-2019

"No further development to report on an indoor AQ device – increasingly crowded market."


Hmm… Purple air does look like a good sensor, but you have to plug it in. I figured WeatherFlow could do a battery powered one that used temp/hum data from either the Tempest or their upcoming semi-commercial weather station.

Key word: “indoor”. :wink:


Wait. There’s a prosumer weather station in the works?

There is a commercial lite station that is planned in the future… It is in the talking/planning stage as far as I know.