RSSI of Tempest Varies

Tempest is 200 feet from hub, horizontal line of sight, with only a window screen and glass in between. RSSI varies from -89 to -75 without any physical changes in setup. Normal? This Tempest was a replacement for one that had faulty sensor, and that original one had RSSI of -75 to -70, with same physical setup. Is the current variation normal, expected for 200 feet, line of sight?

every little bit helps… if you look at the hub, with the logo in front and the led in the back, the antenna is on the right hand side. perhaps rotate that side towards the hub. Probably won’t make a lot of difference, but who knows.
-75 should be ok, -89 is pushing it (too much?).

Many thanks! I did rotate hub 180 degrees, as you suggest, and did see a small improvement, now pretty much around -75.

I see some variation as well. Not sure what it’s caused by but there seems to be some kind of pattern, whatever it is caused by. I’m in an apartment block, so there may be interference from other stuff from neighbours or whatever, I don’t know.


Very interesting. I’m sensing some pattern also, although I haven’t measured it as you have. Just anecdotal at this point. I’m not near anything that would fluctuate in such a pattern, but it does seem to be there. Maybe the tech folks would know why.