Rounding too much

this isn’t my station, but I noticed at some other station that reported the windspeed in Beaufort that it appears to round it to integer values.

isn’t it normal seen the scale of beaufort

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I’m not sure that in general practice the Beaufort Scale is reported with a decimal place? Each Beaufort number represents a range of wind speeds, so although you could report with a decimal number, this isn’t how it is generally used

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aha, I understand now (I was about to write “aha, makes sense”, but actually it doesn’t :wink: )

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however, even though the beaufort number is an integer, I can see plenty of references like 2.5 bft.
Also, even if the vertical scale of the graph has only integers, the graph itself could/should be nice and smooth, instead of stepwise.

apparently there is a formula for it:
“wind speeds on the 1946 Beaufort scale are based on the empirical formula: v = 0.836 B3/2 m/s, where v is the equivalent wind speed at 10 meters above the sea surface and B is the Beaufort scale number.”
So a smooth graph is certainly a possibility and would represent the accuracy of the device much better.