Rotate 90 degrees

I am getting a ton of false lighting reports. This unit is out on the shed. There is no electric to the shed. So nothing should be interfering with it electronically anyway. It is 30 feet away from the nearest electrical outlet. I see post about rotating the unit 90 degrees. I do not understand what that means. Can someone explain to me how to do this?

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I believe the “rotate 90 degrees” approach to false lightning issues is for the Air unit (since the Air does not do wind direction detection, it is not a directional device) … rotating a Tempest unit would change the indicated wind direction (which could be fixed by defining an offset, but, I don’t think it would help your lightning issue).

My best guess is this is either a faulty lightning sensor or the unit is getting interference from somewhere. If it was my unit, I would open a support ticket.


Thank you for your reply wx3i09. I appreciate your feedback. When I looked at my unit I just could not wrap my head around rotating it. Guess it is not something that applies to my unit. I will monitor it further. If it continues to report false lighting I will open a support ticket.

Again, thank you for your reply.

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I’m pretty sure that the 90-degree thing is left over from the original Air sensor arrays.

While you could in theory rotate a Tempest as well and adjust the wind calibration in the app, the solar panels would not be pointed in an ideal direction…

Perfect. Exactly what I was looking at here. Just could not wrap my head around the rotate theory.

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Just had a look at your data (at my level which isn’t perfect neither) and indeed something weird. Now remember that little Franklin sensor detects miles around and what seems to send false pulses can be quite far away. Something like a bad electric connection making arcs etc can trigger it. What you already could do is use a little am radio and tune it to a free frequency and listen if by walking around the temperst you detect some humming or clicks (meaning interference that could trigger the sensor)
If you can’t ‘find’ anything near maybe open a support ticket. Maybe a technician sees something in raw data I can’t

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Thanks for the tips folks.

Update…For what ever reason my lightning strikes reports have greatly decreased. I have not changed anything at all. Could a tech or someone have changed something in my system?

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are you only missing out on the false lightning detections or on the true ones as well?

I am getting lightning strike alerts. They were showing when nothing was happening anywhere around me. Now they have greatly improved. We had a storm come through yesterday evening, and it was showing strikes then. The false ones have for the most part stopped. I feel like my system is working properly now.