Returning a Tempest - Battery not allowed in shipping

Weatherflow has said that I need to return my faulty Tempest at my own expense for replacement from the UK to the USA.

Looking at package shippers they all say that items with batteries will not be shipped and will be returned. So how can I return it under warranty, anyone ever shipped a tempest from UK to USA ?

How did you receive it?

Usually those rules are for loose batteries. If the battery is installed it usually is ok. Double check the rules though.

Just throw it in the box and ship it!
It’s not like there are battery police that are scanning things LOL!

Trust me, they do, i work for an airline. The biggest fear now on aircraft is batteries in hold luggage causing a first in the hold. All mail goes in the aircraft hold so has to be checked and scanned. Any batteries are seen on x-ray and the packages are removed, they can only be transported in cargo-only aircraft.

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The batteries are WAY too small to be a hazard. Typically if you stay under 100 Wh you won’t have issues. Larger packs have to go freight. This is why you never see a laptop over 100Wh.

I’m afraid that is not how it works. You probably have seen the videos / pictures from burned phones. Those are all way below 100Wh. Such a burn could cause bigger fires when the phone is in contact with other material that can burn (shipping material comes to mind)

I’m very familiar with this. Cell phones use lipo cells and those are specifically which are mentioned. Those are quite dangerous however ones in cell phones are well under 100Wh. Packs over 100Wh are considered dangerous enough to be a threat to air travel hence the regulations. The battery in the TEMPEST is a completely different technology.

This ultimately is up to the carrier and the shipper. When required the SHIPPER must disclose what’s in the package and whether or not it cannot be flown. I’ve received two replacements already and returned them and they did not have any labels on the box indicating lithium batteries were present. When I ship or receive cell phones, tablets, et al we DO in fact have to put these labels on the box. Same goes for loose cells (ex. 18650).

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