Return the ability to get information with Google Assistant

You used to be able to ask a Google assistant device for weather information. Google made a change that broke that. The function needs to be returned/recreated.

Some of the limitations on this are that there are only specific Google-specified devices that can integrate with the assistant. Sensor is the closest, allowing it to return temperature & humidity, but there’s nothing else - no rain, no wind, no forecast, etc.

It’s unfortunate :confused:

The unfortunate thing is that Tempest solar a device claiming it worked with Google Assistant devices. I used that promise when purchasing the device. I am just asking then to fulfill the promise. I would be happy with just wind and temperature.

Does google’s sensor actually specify what the sensor measures? It looks pretty general to me and it sounds like it could report a numerical value. But I didn’t look very good.

There’s a list of supported sensor types - a weather station just doesn’t seem to have been considered.

Perhaps Weatherflow as a company can help lobby to provide a more relevant sensor type (or perhaps there’s some other way to integrate that I’m missing).

That said - integration with a particular smart home solution is something that isn’t completely within Weatherflow’s control - it was definitely true at the time they said it, but this change was outside of their control.


too bad. We should push google to add weatherstations to the list of devices. Surely if such an obscure device like a yoghurt maker is on the list, a weather station should have been on that list.

edit… there is a form for that Google Issue Tracker

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I just used that form. Feel free to add to it.

Thanks! BTW, you may want to update the title in buganizer from ‘[Your Title Here]’ to something like ‘Weather Station’ - it may help it get looked at more quickly.

For what it’s worth, there’s also a somewhat similar request in Google Issue Tracker , from 2021 :confused:

For what it’s worth, Apple’s HomeKit also lacks support for many weather station sensors.

Apple has recently published WeatherKit, but the overviews that I’ve seen made it seem like it was a conduit for the former Dark Sky forecast data and not for publishing current PWS sensor observations…

Weatherflow is still showing Google Assistant as being supported, so they’re still misleading with this. One of the main reasons I purchased this expensive device was the Google integration. Now it is gone. They also promised SmartThings integration (was listed on the side of the box mine came in), but that never happened, either.

I really loathe being mislead.

they have a 60(!) day no-questions asked return policy. 60 days to discover that the integrations you want are problematic. Of course they should remove the google-integration from their advertisement.

LoL It takes much longer than 60 days to learn that the integrations promised are never going to be done. When I’d ask, it was always, “it’s being worked on, just be patient”.

That would be nice to have! I know Alexa has that option but I would like to see google incorporate it.