Return/ refund vs exchange

My hub won’t connect to internet. I have several posts up with many suggestions and they all did not work. I have requested a return and refund. My question here is do they exchange with a new unit first incase the hub is bad or is it a known issue that the hub won’t connect to certain routers wifi? Thank you for answering.

If you submitted a support ticket about the issues they would replace it with new hub if it was determined that was how to solve the issue. If you requested a refund that is what they would do, refund your purchase and you return the system. Why would they send you a replacement if you asked for a refund?

I recommend solving the issue with CS but some people have an initial problem and decide they don’t want to find a solution. I don’t understand the latter choice, but then the I’m the curious sort. WF has among the best CS so it is a relatively low risk to work things out with them. When I have had issues they either send a replacement and a return shipping label or just a replacement and I dispose of the defective item.


I was wondering if they would offer a replacement as an option before doing the refund. I guess my bad wording didn’t make sense. I have been working with then to fix it. Have you ever heard of issues where the hub won’t connect to WiFi and how it might be reduced.?

Just ask for a replacement. That is how a replacement is received before a refund.

As for WiFi issues, have you tried connecting to a different WiFi, like to the hotspot on your phone? The WiFi has to be 2.4GHz so make sure you setup the access point to have a separate name for 2.4GHz from the 5.0GHz bands. I have also heard that firmware updates on some WiFi systems broke the link to WF Hubs. This is why it is important to try on a different WiFi. I’ve heard of some creating a guest network with only 2.4GHz and that fixed it for them.