Reset procedure for the hub's radio in case of lost or bad connection with Tempest/Sky/Air

In some rare cases a device seems not more connected to the Hub or with a not explainable low signal quality.
Sometimes a reset of the radio in the Hub solves this. Don’t go do this every week :slight_smile:

Do the following 4 steps (read carefully several times and do these in the correct order)

  1. Unplug the Hub.
  2. Using a thin tool, push & hold the reset button on the back of the Hub.
  3. Keep the button pressed and plug the hub back in.
  4. Wait for the blue LED on the back of the Hub and then release the button.

This does reset the radio of the hub. If all goes well, all the depending modules will reconnect automagically.

If the problem persists, please open a ticket with support for personal assistance. Link in top menu.


Eric, my Hubs RSSI is -53, but the sensor is -90, with a straight line of site ~15 feet through a window. Could this hub reset fix this issue; I am concerned because the sensor is about to get mounted on my roof and become very hard to access.
Station ID, 81437

If the Tempest is that close and just a simple window in between, then there is a radio problem. I would not put it in a difficult to reach spot right now.

Try the rest, won’t harm in any case. Might solve but not si sure.

After you did the reset, can you try to set it further away and see if the rssi values drops even further ??? -90 is already limit.

If the radio signals stays this bad, open a ticket with CS, they will investigate and help you out before you put it on a hard to reach roof.

The HUB RSSI improved, but the sensor did not change, at 30 feet it goes to -98, if I put any kind of wall between them it loses connectivity. When devices are placed next to each other RSSI is -84.

definitely open a ticket and wait for a replacement unit. Don’t go set it in a hard to reach place.