Requests are useless

I have had a tempest since the beginning. I have to say this community for requests is useless to look at. I know moderators look but honestly all requests have not changed the app at all. People come up with many great requests but nothing will get acted on by the company. Forum is excellent for 3rd party apps etc… Or any problems you have with your tempest. But the request for future improvements is a waste of time. Just giving people in here a heads up because you will be left with false hopes for many years to come. Third party is key :slight_smile:

As my late-father used to say, if you want it done right…do it yourself!

It would be very interesting to see a list of which requests actually were implemented vs. which year.

Remember a ‘request’ is just that. It doesn’t mean it’ll ever happen. It just means you asked in a way that others can use their limited votes to vote for.

Best I can search in these (awful) forums gets me Topics tagged completed which shows only FOUR requests noted as completed. Ever. Has to be more than that…

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this feature voting system is flawed anyway. Sometimes a new request comes up, which I think is a good idea, but I cannot give it my vote, because the system limits the amount of votes I can give. Perhaps it is finally time to change it, so the number of votes really conveys a sense of popularity (like any other voting system).
Anyway, sometimes things DO change based on discussion in the forum, even without a feature request.