Request Rain to be displayed as "Daily" and "YTD"

I would prefer to have the main display window to show the “Daily” and “Yearly” rainfall amounts. I don’t need to know how much it rained “Yesterday”, but would prefer having the total accumulation for the “Year”.


I too would like this feature. I asked support about this before I bought a station back in February of 2018. This was their response.

“A manager from the Smart Weather Station team got back to me and confirmed that recording accumulated rainfall is on their roadmap of things to implement. I would assume that we would have that feature by the time SKY is released (estimated to be April). Also, you can pull the rain accumulation data daily from our API to track it yourself. Here is a link to our API if you want to poke around:

Doesn’t seem to be very high on their priority list considering that was 16 months ago.

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I would like a YTD option as well. If not in the main page, maybe under the history tab. The developers have likely been focused on getting the rain calibration right and as that improves things in the US and then expands globally then hopefully they can add some additional features to the app. They’ve already brought it a long ways!

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