Replaced Unit UV index off the charts

So I just recently got a replacement unit that’s only been running for a week, I used the replace function instead of deleting and adding the new station. Everything seems to read fine except for the UV, which has been reading in the 30s during full sun which is massive! Is this just a calibration issue or does this have a faulty UV sensor?

That is a most likely a calibration issue. It takes several clear days around solar noon to get calibrated but @WFsupport can apply an initial calibration manually to get it close in the mean time.

BTW, if you put a link to your station in your profile it can help us trouble shoot issues you may be having. You can use the share icon for your station to get the URL if you wish.

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Good to know, i believe it’s Tempest - Good to know, I don’t remember this happening on the first unit but I can certainly wait and see what happens! Thanks!

If it’s not obvious from the graphs it was replaced on 3/17.

Plus for now calibrations from your old Tempest are still applied since you replaced device. Just let it run for a week and see if it comes to a normal number. If not ping again and support will have a manual look