Remove adware from map!

I’m setting up a new station for somebody and we can’t make the join the community overlay adware disappear from the screen when you click the ‘map’ tab on the public data web page. SUPER annoying. Is there any way to hide the adware overlay? They are in the blasted community already. Sheesh.

I was trying to figure out what you were talking about and I think I know what might be going on. When I select the map from the settings page in the app, the map launches in a browser window. I briefly see the link you’re talking about, then it disappears. I think what is happening is that I’m logged into WF in my browser, not just the app. That may be the difference. Try viewing the station through the browser to see if it displays the log in link at the top.
If so, then log in from the browser and see if the join link goes away.

If I view a station that is public ‘without’ logging in, and I click the ‘map’ link, I get a very obtrusive adware overlay bottom-left that makes it basically impossible to use the map on a phone. There should be a ‘X’ in the overlay to make the darn thing go away.

It also centers the map in the middle of the North Atlantic and ‘not’ over the station whose info was picked to get ‘to’ the map. Given the many thousands of WF sites out there, it’s very painful (especially given the overlay on a phone) to find the station via the map.

Odder still - if you drill down via the map and get to the station you want and click on it ‘there’, you get the desired URL that looks like which is what I expected to begin with.

So I think there are two issues here:

  • add a X to dismiss the adware overlay
  • open the right map URL to zero in on the selected station, don’t default to no zoom worldwide view in the middle of the North Atlantic