Remote Setup Options

Hey guys, I know WeatherFlow had original announced there would be a “remote kit” option for tempest. I assume it would use cellular transmission to send data. I like the idea of being able to mount a unit outside of WiFi range. The location options would be endless.

Has anyone heard anything else about this? I got one message from WeatherFlow that the kit for remote mounting is supposed to be able to be added to any existing Tempest, but they said they had no further info at this time. Do you guys think this is still in the works? Thanks!

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Considering it is both a Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaign perk, it is still in development. Furthermore, it is mentioned in this post: [Apple] HomeKit Integration

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Thanks, I got into the game late and purchased right from their website. I wasn’t involved in the Kickstarter or indigogo. Glad to hear it’s still in the works.

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Just to clarify - the link from the Tempest to the hub is not WiFi. I assume what is being considered would be a hub with cellular data as a backhaul option or in place of the WiFi connection. Then of course the hub would still need to be powered, so it’s not like it could easily be placed in a field or on a mountaintop. :slight_smile:

Here is the text from the Indiegogo perk:

The Tempest Remote System

$339 USD $449 USD (24% OFF)

Complete Tempest Weather System with Pro Hub, battery backup, weatherproof enclosure and solar power for your Hub. Allows fully autonomous operation in remote areas - no power or WiFi required. Battery backup provides power for up to seven days without sun. Includes a prepaid data plan for at least two years of standard data upload.

Included Items

  • Tempest System With Pro Hub
  • Hub Battery Backup
  • Weatherproof Hub Enclosure
  • Enclosure Solar Panel

Basically think it of as the current hub with a cellular modem to work much like a cell phone can where it will use WiFi if it can and cellular link if WiFi is unavailable. In addition it has a battery and a solar panel to keep the battery charged up. The link between the hub and Tempest is 915MHz (depending on country).


I already put my money down on a full pro remote package on Kickstarter, and in all seriousness intend to install it on mountaintop property that my family owns…


I’m familiar with this kind of setup for some agricultural IoT projects I work. The biggest problem will be getting a reasonable battery life out of the hub battery, especially in the more northern latitude winters.

LTO batteries are excellent for such conditions! That is why the Tempest sensor uses them.


Thanks all for the info! Once the pro system is available I’ll definitely add one to my list!

Anyone have any idea when the pro hub and related equipment will be available? I know it’s still under development. Thanks!

October 2020 at the soonest, last I heard.

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Thanks. Sounds like it will be worth the wait.

The current Tempest to hub frequency is an ‘Internet of things’ frequency for long distance. If your agricultural situation already uses it then you might be interested in these tests I did up to 7 miles: Sky maximum distance from Hub
cheers Ian :slight_smile:

Great info, thank you!

That’s impressive! We’ve been working with LoRaWan tracking devices on cattle. For some reason they seem to object to wear parabolic antennas on their heads. :slight_smile:


Try omnidirectional antennas, with a parabolic relay station in each field:

Cattle assume that the antenna is just another horn on their head, but there is the danger that they will charge at something and break the antenna…


…and add WiFi repeater capability…