Remote Power Cycle for the Tempest Unit :tempest:

After having the Tempest installed for around 1-year, things went haywire, and it went offline, needing a power off and back on reset. I have the device installed at 30 feet in the air to get the best readings. This is on a freestanding pole that is guyed from 3 points. Now I put it up by myself and have lowered it a few times initially. But, it is not an easy job by yourself, and if you have wind, it probably is something I should not be doing. I am now 74 years of age and waited for someone to assist me and brought it down. I did the power cycle, and it is back to working. I will leave it down for a while to see if it fails again. It would be so nice for all to have the ability to use the app to power cycle the Tempest unit for the user as well as remote staff in troubleshooting. I would think a few added components and a bit of code would provide a great service to all.

If the Tempest sensor array is not communicating with the Hub and needs to be reset, how do you propose that a reboot command be sent to the non-responding device?

One of my IP security system cameras has a weatherproof reset button on a long wire. I’d rather see something like that on the Tempest sensor array…


I wonder if there is any way to force a non-responsive Tempest to reboot using just the four contacts in the bottom. If not, maybe a change on the next iteration could be made for such a reset option.


perhaps it could reboot itself if it discovers that it didn’t made contact in the last 60 minutes.


I agree this needs to be done!
My autonomous stations have the ability to remote reboot via SMS and it works great.

A hub-less unit with a sim card slot in the bottom would be great to have in the future. No limits on location aside from no cell signal!


How about have the Tempest poll the hub periodically to verify communications between the two, and if the hub does not respond within a certain period of time, the Tempest proactively reboots itself to try and reestablish communications? It could be as simple as a ping or something similar. I realize that the link between the hub and Tempest is not standard WiFi, and don’t know what communications protocol is being used and/or what methods are available to test the link. It’s just a thought.


This seems like a great suggestion. Having some level of timeout, and automated tempest attempt to reset the connectivity.