Reliability of Tempest devices

I bought a Tempest several months ago and it was great. It broke (completely my fault—I mounted it very badly and it fell 20 feet in a wind storm). So I replaced it and bought two more for two other sites. The first time it rained, two of the three quit working (all sensors failed) and then a few days later, the third one quit (just the barometric pressure). First and foremost I want to say Tempest customer service has been fabulous. They immediately sent me three replacements which I have located side by side for the moment (until I convince my self they will work for the long haul (don’t want to install it on the roof until I know it will keep working). Curious whether others have seen this kind of reliability problem? Two of the three, when I brought them inside to return them, as soon as I tipped them, water came pouring out—so I’m guessing there is a serious sealing problem—my question is if this is one bad patch or a recurring theme — in other words are these devices ready for prime time? Like I said their support certainly is great—I hope to hear from other purchasers that I simply got three devices out a bad batch.

Welcome to the Tempest Community Forum! In the upper right-hand corner of this page is “SUPPORT”; click on that and go to “Open a ticket” which will take you to a page where you can submit details to WF Support. They will. . .in-turn. . .get back to you with details, about your situation. . .or possibly suggest Replacements since you’d only had the devices for “several months.”

Like I said, support has been extremely helpful. The one question I have asked them that they have not answered directly is the one in this post and I was hoping to get some insight from others. The closest they came to answering that question was to agree with me that my thought of leaving all three co-located in an easy to reach spot for several weeks (and through at least one rain storm) prior to mounting them in their permanent (not particularly accessible) roof top locations was a good plan (leading me to believe that perhaps mine is not an isolated instance).

I have no idea what the failure rate is for Tempest devices. The two field test units I have are still running fine but I have had support replace some of the production ones I own/manage but not always for the same issue. I’m guessing that there could have been a bad batch, which you might have received, but that is pure speculation on my part. I can’t imagine, with something on the order of 30,000 units in the field, that the failure rate is as high as your sample suggests.

For sure the Tempest isn’t a perfect device and indeed production has had batches with problems, especially since we have this pandemic messing around. Each time things start to settle down, a new wave bumps it over again (Omicron being the latest and I’m afraid not the last one). Between component problems, production problems (many ill or quarantined) etc … it is hard to keep quality level as it would be in normal periods.
Rest assured that all the problems and returned Tempest are inspected one by one (takes time) to identify why it failed. Sometimes fun sometimes less (like finding an ants nest inside the dome or a spiders nest). In any case everything is followed and when recurrent pushed to the production facility. Many little improvements have been made over time and continue to be implemented.
I don’t have exact numbers but the failure rate is still well below 2% on average with indeed moments it goes to high and you are one of those unlucky persons. But as you mentioned Weatherflow does make it an honour to fulfil warranty and will continue to do so. Also Weatherflow is now in year 4 and learns each day to do better.