Reducing False Lightning Strike Tip

I have no scientific explanation but having 2 lightning stations and been playing with those for years I can tell you that moving them even 1 cm can make a huge difference when you have a noisy environment. Especially e-field detection is very sensitive to local interference like little sparks, electric fences, chargers, plasma TV, low energy bulbs, even a mower …
Since the Air module has at least 2 antenna’s (wifi and e-field) I can imagine there is some shielding in there and maybe by rotating you can use the shield …

By chance do you mean to turn the Air and not the Hub?


nice catch :scream:, edited my post above, thanks

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My Air unit is sensing false lightning activity - generally during mornings. The unit is mounted on a bracket that hangs from the side of my deck. I have it in a shield and other readings are spot on. Hardware revision is 1 - Firmware revision is 20.

I have compared the last strike time stamp with others around me and have found they do differ. Most haven’t seen anything in five days.

WDT lightning data does not show anything around me that reflects a strike.

Battery life is fine - Hub is located around 15ft from device: through a window - WiFi signal is excellent. I view data through my Samsung Galaxy S9 and via the web.



before declaring a bug, have you read this this topic where I moved you post ???

As it happens almost every day, most probably something triggers … try to search for the source and maybe turn your device in steps of 90°, might help


I wanted to report an unusual fix to my lightning strike problem.

After moving my station at 45 degree steps around my house and changing heights between 3 - 10ft, things quieted after I rebooted my hub. Not sure what that would have to do with lightning detection, but it is fact. I have not had a false positive in 3 days. Every test prior would fail within 18-24 hours.

Something to consider.

Thanks for the interesting report… But, we’re pretty sure this is a coincidence of some sort. There is no logic in the Hub that could create false lightning. In fact, the Hub doesn’t do anything to lightning data at all - it simply passes it along.

Hi dsj,

I agree - no logic at all, but I have still not had any false lightning strikes show on the system. Probably coincidence, but wanted to mention it. I haven’t restarted the hub since I first reported the false positives. Only after the restart did it behave as expected - who knows??? Everything else has been good. My firehouse has a county run station, and the WeatherFlow system corresponds to all the data they collect.

Thanks for a good system.

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