Recent color change to Tempest apps

Does anybody know how to undo a recent change to the UI Color Scheme for the tempestwx web UI. Mine changed last night from a nice blue schema to a horrible purplish-pink or pinkish purple.

TIA for any advice
Screen Shot 2022-07-12 at 7.34.30 AM

Sorry, you can’t. This is their new favorite color. Perhaps their logo will also change color? :wink: I don’t know. You can however switch to a dark theme, which I like a lot better. It would have been cool if they added the blue theme, and perhaps a dark blue theme as an option.

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Purple, really? There are three options in settings, all three have purple. Some things are just best left alone.


Hello, I just wanted to be one of the first tempest owners to express my gratitude for the new and improved apps. Very nice and welcomed, improvement. I’m very pleased as well with the ability to add locations to observe our favorite places. Thankyou weatherflow and I would love to have the ability to monitor soil moisture as well, just wonder if that is possible with tempest and how would it be done if so.


Hi all

I seem to have had a background colour change!

I’m not to sure I like it, is it user selectable ?



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No. The new colour is part of the updated iOS and Android apps thaty were released today.

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The only option you have is to change dark/light in the settings

It can follow the host setting automatically or you set manually dark/light

The Tempest° “color-of-choice” has been “Plum” since early 2021 and was originally used for. . .

*API Explorer
*WeatherFlow Tempest° UDP Reference
*WeatherFlow Tempest° API Websocket Reference
*Tempest° API Remote Data Access Policy
*WeatherFlow Tempest° API & Developer Platform
*Derived Metric Formulas
*Tempest° Release Notes
*Tempest° Station Firmware
*Tempest° Website
*Tempest° for iOS
*Tempest° for Alexa
*Tempest° Google Home Action

. . .as well as the new "Weather Science Kit. . .

and of course. . .the latest *Tempest° Apps.

First production runs of Tempest° had a Blue-colored North Marker and a Blue-colored logo on the back. . .and the box was outlined in “Blue.” This was changed to “Plum” color in Oct 2021 when the next production run of Tempest° devices only had the North Marker on the back colored-in with “Plum”. . .and the WF logo was left hollow. . . like the original “Early release beta pre-production” devices.

Here is the evolution of the back side of Tempest° devices. . .Left: Early release beta pre-production Field Test device; Middle: circa Dec 2019 thru early Fall of 2021; Right: most recent device with “Plum”-colored North Marker and “hollow” logo.


Points for @storm_tracker for noticing this!

The new purple theme for Tempest is here to stay. You can switch to dark mode as some might prefer that theme instead as the purple color is much more muted.

We know some won’t like the change but this new color theme is important for Tempest branding.

Thanks all, hope you enjoy the new features and fresh appearance!


For the Newest devices. . .I only wish the “WF logo” on the back side would’ve gotten colored-in “Plum” also. That would really make Tempest° Stand Out in its “classy” design!

I’m not quite understanding, is this the new 1909 Ford company? To say that this is THE color without consideration of your users who USE the app seems to be a more dictatorial stance than most companies get away with. Colors are important to users, according to the least desired color is purple. You would be hard-pressed to fina a production purple car - people don’t like it! Microsoft and Apple tried to dictate very early on what the users expierence should be, they gave up and let the users decide and so should you. I implore you, let me get rid of this disgusting (to me) color!


2nd’d not a fan and I dont see any difference between Dark and System, time to create my own custom dashboard


Hello. This is my first post. I just had to find out what was going on with the awful colour change. Are you really going to impose this on Tempest owners? It is hellish. At least have a few colour schemes to choose from - to have this purple as the only choice is just cruel.


Tempest Branding, so in other words if you don’t like it tough. That’s what’s called spitting in your loyal customers eye.

You can maintain the previous color scheme by continuing support for it while making the new scheme a default. I don’t understand this attitude that’s frankly “your way or the highway”. Sounds like you need a dose of competition in the market, which when it comes I’ll jump on board.

Thanks for letting those loyal customers for years know exactly where they stand.


What my young daughter is reminded of now after the app updated.


Nice job, Weatherflow. :roll_eyes:


My wind & direction graph is now showing on the updated app on my iPad that had stopped reporting for some reason, but always worked on my iPhone. It showed no data to retrieve, try zooming in or out but that didn’t help. So I guess I like the new app!

I’ll see if I can figure out how to implement a browser CSS override. The new colors are truly HORRIBLE.

At least my phone app still shows up with blue instead of purple…


I’m not very good at this stuff but this looks to be the problem
@media screen and (prefers-color-scheme: dark)
body {
background: #332137;

Chrome appears to have an option for local overrides but I’m still getting my head around how that stuff works


New colour is terrible!,! I’d call it puce , turly terrible.

Don’t worry about your customers generally they pay only once!


PS not an upgrade!


This colour scheme is terrribad. Not only is it awful to force the choice on us, but the actual colour selection itself is dreadful.