Re-inventing the wheel

At 66 and 48 years beyond TRIG, GEOMETRY plus quadratic equations, I renewed my self into making this for part of my new WF tempest.


I have no idea what you are showing us.

No problem, I’ll just delete the item.

Hi Vince,

I am very sorry. I was not aware that images of out creation weren’t allowed and
nor did I realize that this was for exclusive members. I certainly will not load my more images
like polar wind direction displays. My bad!


whatever it is, it’s elegant. I like it—is it an SVG per chance?

Sorry, it’s just a simple polar directional display of my wind data. I have asked that this be removed. It will not happen again.

Huh? I’m asking a real question, why are you taking offense?

You posted a photo with no words describing what we were looking at.

Is that something physical you built or 3d printed? A fancy graphic done in software? How are you grabbing the data etc?

It’s simply put, the wind direction and windspeed. I made an image and I just add into the html code. Using perl, I just did the cos and sin thing to make it run around the dial.
Pretty simple really but hey, I just thought others might like it.
I wasn’t offended, I thought the image spoke for itself and failed to realize other didn’t see that it’s an old time wind direction meter.




IMHO, a rather elegant design. Being an old fogey now I’m rather nostalgic for Dial Displays. I’d like to see an option for them in the WF app.

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I like it…

In all honesty … lovely … finally something NOT flat design (something I just don’t like since day one, for me dull, boring …)

Lightning effect just gives it that little popup … needle and center text the same and it pops. I’d like to see the full design once finished


Very classic design. I like it.

When I first saw it I thought it was a photograph of a metal medallion.

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Hi Gary,
That’s funny!

I apologize for not giving any details. It’s just a simple dial that I use to show my wind direction from the Tempest.
I usually use UDP for the data but have been using the websocket to use the rapid wind and lightning events.
I have these dials for Barometer, temp and humidity too. It’s just something for a retired person to do on
rainy days.

Take care.


Its lovely - do you have an example online to see it working?


You can get rapid wind over UDP.

Lightening over UDP should be fixed soon.

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hence my original question…it looked like a photo of something physical to me too.


I think it’s beautiful.
Reminds me of when the OS/2 development team developed a similar knob control. But when it was presented for inclusion they were told that it breeched the user interface standard where it was set in concrete that interactive user controls must be sliders. So the developers went back to the drawing board and added the ability to adjust it by bragging the mouse in a more or lass straight line. They kept the original dragging the knob around too and then represented it as the Rotary Slider control, which was approved.