Re-adjusting Rain totals

I’ve had multiple times now where I’ve gotten a rain total after a rain event only to have it change drastically the total 24 hours or so later. Anything I can do to fix this situation and get the correct reading??

That is probably RainCheck. Does it have a Screenshot_20201219-072304_Tempest beside the number?

Thank you. So if I correct this then I should get a correct reading as the rain falls?

All your raw data is still there. The RainCheck data is separate from it. RainCheck typically runs by 8:00 in the morning though sometimes it can take longer to show up. You can turn it off by going to Settings, Stations, station name, Manage Devices, select the device (Tempest or SKY), Advanced.

Here is what the screen looks like with a Tempest device.

If you want more detail about what is in the app, maybe this post will help: Detailed App instructions

@Pigskinbob You can read up on Rain Check here.

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Keep in mind that if you’re uploading data to a service like Weatherunderground for example the Rain Check will not adjust that already uploaded data, only what you’re seeing on the Tempest App / Web portal.

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