Rainfall rate verbage

looking back at previous questions on a being able to change the wordage from heavy, extreme, light, etc, to actually show the rainfall rates in mm/hr or in/hr, i see it was addressed in december of 19 but didnt see anything mentioned after that. Is that feature still being looked at as i would prefer the actual rainfall rate instead of the verbage.

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i ran out of votes, but I would have voted for this one

Internally, that’s how it’s reported by the Tempest sensor every minute. Well, it’s reported as an accumulated amount over the 60 second reporting interval, so accum * 60 = mm/hr. It seems to me that’s a detail that could be added to the precip tile on the grid view. Here’s how the precip intensities break down in mm/hr:

0 - 0.25 = very light
0.25 - 1 = light
1 - 4 = moderate
4 - 16 = heavy
16 - 50 = very heavy
50+ = extreme

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While this doesn’t fix the Forecast page or Card view, there is a Rain Rate graph which shows the bars as a rate rather than the cardinal value bars.

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