Rainfall not reset to zero at midnight in Turkey (resolved)

I noticed today that my station 5240 did not reset the rainfall total to zero until 12.59am local time. I also have a gap in the total rain data from 02.02 until 02.43am.
Not sure if this has happened before. Could it be related to the fact that Turkey used to change the clocks for summer/winter but have not done so for the past two years, staying on summer time?

Station 5420 is listed as being in timezone America/New_York

However, I am guessing that because Turkey changed to and from and to and from and … That the rest of the world has no idea what Turkey is doing.

So, software is messed up and it’s much less a bug than everyone has not caught up.


So, am I missing something, I do not remember, nor can I find, anywhere to set the timezone?

If the WF interface showed station local time, this problem would be much easier to identify. Is there a way for me to see that information? @dsj @WFmarketing

First off, what is your station ID?

Gary, as above, ID is 5420. Edit, being dyslexic here! ID is 5240!

nb Also edited first post

I’m betting the issue is because most of the timezone libraries don’t know that Turkey changed again. WeatherFlow may have to update the source code and update the Apple application.

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Yes, this looks like a timezone issue. We’re investigating…

You’re in the right timezone, but it’s possible our zoneinfo files are out of date. We’ll check soon and update them if necessary. Thanks for your patience!

Hi David, any news? Its making a right mess of the reporting at WU ( IORTACA2).

Hi Val. We are testing a solution in our staging environment and hope to push that to production later this week. Thanks for your patience!

Hi David is there any chance of rain reset at 0900 for Australian stations?

This issue should be resolved as of today, when we updated the timezone data on our enterprise servers to the latest available (release date 16 October 2018).

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Right now the rain reset time is “midnight local time” for all stations, but we may add a feature to allow users to set their own “daily rain reset time” in the future. You may find this feature (and many more features not found in the Smart Weather Station apps) in one of the many Smart Weather Station Third-Party Applications

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Many thanks David. Turkey time seems to be correct now :slight_smile:


Hi David thanx for the response, yes already using WD.
Many thanx to you and the WF team for a great product and support